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N.C. 63 
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Photo: NC 63 leaving NC 209 (Matt Craig)
NC 63
N.C. 63  26 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 209 in Trust (Madison County) and ends at US 19-23-74A West Asheville (Buncombe County).
Towns and Attractions: Madison Co.: Pisgah National Forest  
Buncombe Co.: West Asheville  
History: NC 63 was born in 1929 as new primary routing. It ran from NC 209 Trust to Leicester, then east across the French Broad River near Woodfin and ending at US 19-23-25-70, NC 20-69 (Broadway at US 25 Merrimon Ave today) in Asheville.
In 1930, NC 63 west was truncated to end at the newly formed NC 213 just east of Canto. Canto to Trust was now part of NC 213. NC Officials from 1930-36 don't label the Trust to Canto segment as anything, but the 1930 and 1936 County Atlases confirm the NC 213 takeover.
In 1951, NC 63 was re-extended over NC 213 to again end at Trust.
In 1952, NC 63 was rerouted over existing secondary routes to end in West Asheville as it does now, leaving behind SR 1002 Old Leicester Hwy and NC 191 (now some NC 251 and unnumbered Broadway).

1929 Official
NC 63 is born
1938 Official
NC 213 replaces NC 63 in Madison Co.
1951 Official
NC 63 re-extends to Trust
1955 Gen Draft
NC 63 rerouted to West Asheville

NC 63 is pretty twisty in Madison County and gets up close to 4000 feet crossing the mountain.
NC 63 was a numbering violation. NC 63 did connect to NC 69, so it could've been given a 69x number as several were available. However, the numbering of NC 630 would've been problematic, requiring a 21x spur off of NC 20, so my theory is 63 was picked because it would make 630 possible. I think the same thing occurred with the numbering of NC 31 and NC 311.

Last Update: 2 July 2008

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