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N.C. 62 
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Photo: NC 62 had been erroneously posted as NC 57 for several years at the Virginia state line (Dave Filpus). Adam Prince reports this sign has finally been removed.
NC 62
N.C. 62  86 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 109 in Thomasville (Davidson County) and ends at the Virginia State Line at Milton (Caswell County). The route continues 4 miles as VA 62 to end at US 58-360.
Towns and Attractions: Davidson Co.: Thomasville  
Randolph Co.: Archdale  
Guilford Co.: Climax  
Alamance Co.: Burlington  
Caswell Co.: Yanceyville, Milton  
History: NC 62 was an original state highway. Initially it ran from NC 70 (current US 220 Bus) Asheboro northeast through Liberty to Graham, then north to end at NC 14 (just Main St now) Yanceyville.
In 1928, NC 62 was extended along NC 70 into Asheboro, then extended southwest as new primary routing to NC 80 (current NC 8-740 jct) New London.
In 1930, NC 62 was extended northeast as new primary routing from Yanceyville to end at NC 57 Milton.

1924 Official
NC 62 ending at Yanceyville
1930 Official
NC 62 extended to Milton

In 1933, NC 62 was rerouted north of New London to instead continue southwest through Richfield to end at NC 74 (now NC 73) Mt. Pleasant. The short piece down to New London became part of NC 740 and is now part of NC 8.

1924 Official
NC 62 ending at Asheboro
1930 Official
NC 62 extended to New London
1933 General Drafting
NC 62 extended to Mt. Pleasant

In 1940, NC 62 was rerouted totally south of Pleasant Grove (northern Alamance County) to instead go southwest to Burlington, Climax, Archdale and ending at NC 109 Thomasville, replacing portions of NC 144 and NC 61.

1939 Official
NC 62 Liberty to Pleasant Grove
1941 Official
NC 49 Liberty to Pleasant Grove

1930 Official
NC 61 Thomasville to Julian
1960 Official
NC 62 replaces most of NC 61

The original routing south of Pleasant Grove became NC 49 all the way to Mt. Pleasant. Today this is NC 49 PLeasant Grove to Liberty; Old Liberty Rd from Liberty to Asheboro; US 220 Bus; Salisbury-Park-Albemarle Sts in Asheboro; a small bit of NC 49; Old NC 49through Cedar Grove and Farmer; NC 49 to Richfield, except 62 used Main St and a duplex with US 52 back over to NC 49; NC 49 to Mt. Pleasant (except used pieces of Cruise and Dutch Rds), using Mt. Pleasant Road North to connect to NC 73.

1939 Official
NC 62 Asheboro to Liberty
1940 Official
NC 49 replaces NC 62 Asheboro to Liberty

1939 Official
NC 62 in Randolph County
1940 Official
NC 49 replaces NC 62 in Randolph County

1938 Official
NC 62 Mt Pleasant to Yadkin River
1940 Official
NC 49 Mt. Pleasant to Yadkin River

About 1947, NC 62 was extended as new primary routing to Virginia, who also created VA 62 for the occasion.

1944 Caswell County
NC 62 ends at NC 57 Milton
1949 Caswell County
NC 62 extended to Virginia

Between 1954-57, NC 62 was rerouted south of Yanceyville to its current routing, leaving behind a lengthy "Old NC 62" down to Fitch.

1953 Caswell County
NC 62 original Caswell County routing
1957 Caswell County
NC 62 rerouted

There are still a couple 1920's bridges on NC 62 north of Haw River left over from NC 144's days.

Last Update: 2 July 2008

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