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N.C. 34 
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Photo: NC 34 leaves NC 168 (Alex Nitzman)
NC 34
N.C. 34  9 miles
The Road: Begins at US 158 Belcross (Camden County) and ends at NC 168 Sligo (Currituck County).
Towns and Attractions: Camden Co.: None  
Currituck Co.: None  
History: NC 34 was born in 1979, replacing NC 168 from Sligo south to Belcross, then into Elizabeth City and south to Weeksville.
In 1983 or 1984, NC 34 was extended southeast as new primary routing from Weeksville to end at the Pasquotank River outlet.
In April 2006 NC 34 south was truncated to US 158 Belcross. Belcross to Elizabeth City remained US 158. A small segment south of downtown Elizabeth City became SR xxxx Herrington Rd. The remainder of route south through Weeksville to the Pasquotank River became today's NC 344.
1963 Official
NC 168 Sligo to Weeksville
1982-83 Official
NC 34 Sligo to Weeksville
2007 Official
NC 344 replacing NC 34

The 1st NC 34 was an original state highway. In 1922 it ran from NC 30-32 (current NC 32) Sunbury east on today's US 158 to Morgans Corner, then Northside Drive, a little US 17-158 and US 17 Business to Elizabeth City; today's US 158 to Camden, then northwest on today's NC 343 to Spences Corner, then northeast on SR 1203 Scotland Rd to today's NC 34 then to Shawboro and Sligo; north on today's NC 168 to Moyock before entering Virginia as VA 27.
In 1926, NC 34 was rerouted northeast of Camden using what is currently NC 34 from US 158 to Sligo.
1925 Official
NC 34 original route
1926 Official
NC 34 rerouted northeast of Camden

In the great renumbering of October 1934, NC 34 from Sunbury to Sligo was renumbered as part of NC 30. Instead, NC 34 was sent southeast from Sligo through Currituck CH and south through Granby to Point Harbor, then over to the Outer Banks south through Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head before heading west to end at NC 345 Manteo. This NC 34 routing had been NC 344 up to that point.
1935 Gousha
NC 30 replaces most of NC 34
1931 Official
NC 344 (1931-34)
1936 Official
NC 34 replaces NC 344

In 1940, NC 34 north of Sligo was renumbered as NC 170. In 1941, NC 34 south of Barco became part of US 158, leaving only the small piece of NC 34 from Sligo to Barco unaffected.
1940 Official
NC 170 replaces part of NC 34
1942 Gen Draft
US 158 replaces most of NC 34

NC 34 was routed around Currituck CH between 1954-57, leaving behind SR 1242.
1949 Currituck County
NC 34 through Currituck CH
1953 Currituck County
NC 34 bypassing the courthouse

NC 34 was eliminated in 1979 when NC 168 was routed over it.

The number 34 has been used on nearly every road in the northeast corner of the state, which I'm sure was confusing to vacationers over the years.
NC 34 didn't need IMO to be renumbered south of Elizabeth City as NC 344 would've been just fine on Halstead Blvd.

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