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N.C. 33 
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Photo: NC 33 ends with NC 304 in Hobucken (Adam Prince)
NC 32
N.C. 33  107 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 4-48 Hickory (Nash County) and ends at the village of Hobucken (Pamlico County).
Towns and Attractions: Nash Co.: Whitakers  
Edgecombe Co.: Tarboro, Princeville  
Pitt Co.: Greenville, Grimesland  
Beaufort Co.: Chocowinity, Aurora  
Pamlico Co.: Hobucken  
History: NC 33 was born in 1929 as new primary routing. Initially it ran only from US 17/NC 30/NC 91 Chocowinity southeast to Aurora. In the beginning, NC 32 used today's SR 1303 Sandy Ridge Rd./Happy Home Rd./Sign Pine Rd.
In 1936, NC 33 was extended north with US 17-264 to Greenville, then northwest as new primary routing to NC 11 below Bethel.
Between 1948-50, NC 33 was extended east from Aurora as new routing to Hobucken, with the last two miles a duplex with the older NC 304.
1929 Official
NC 33 initial routing
1936 Official
NC 33 extended northwest to Bethel
1953 Beaufort County
NC 33 sent to Hobucken

Between 1958-62, NC 33 was rerouted away from Aurora onto a newly built bypass to the south leaving behind SR 1965
1957 Beaufort County
NC 33 through Aurora
1962 Beaufort County
NC 33 around Aurora

Also between 1958-62, NC 33 was rerouted around Edward onto a newly built bypass to the south leaving behind SR 1949
1957 Beaufort County
NC 33 through Edward
1962 Beaufort County
NC 33 around Edward

About 1975, NC 33 was rerouted at Chocowinity to continue west to Greenville (replacing US 264), then north across Tar River (new primary routing); then west to US 13/NC 11 (replacing NC 30) and northwest as new primary routing to end at US 64 (current US 64 ALT) near Princeville. The old NC 33 route to Washington and Bethel became just US 17 from Chocowinity to Washington; US 264 westward; NC 30 northwest through Stokes to US 13/NC 11.
1974-75 Official
NC 33 routed to Washington and Bethel
1975-76 Official
NC 33 rerouted to Greenville

In 1994, NC 33 was extended west again, with US 64 to Princeville, then through downtown Tarboro (was secondary briefly but had been US 64 Business), then replaced NC 44 through Whitakers to its current end at NC 4-48.
1990-91 Official
NC 44 Tarboro to Whitakers
1999 Official
NC 33 replaces NC 44

In 2001 or 2002, NC 33 was rerouted just east of US 13/NC 11
2000 Official
NC 33 linear routing
2002 Official
NC 33 avoids the airport

The NC 304 multiplex at NC 33's eastern end seems unnecessary, but NC 304 was there much, much earlier.
NC 33 is pretty unassuming in its travels.

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