The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 32 
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N.C. 32  106 miles
The Road: Begins at US 17 Washington (Beaufort County) and ends at the Virginia State Line above Corapeake (Gates County). The route continues 40 more miles as VA 32, ending at US 17-60-258 in Newport News, VA.
Towns and Attractions: Beaufort Co.: Washington, Washington Park  
Washington Co.: Plymouth, Roper  
Chowan Co.: Edenton  
Gates Co.: Sunbury  
History: NC 32 is an original state highway. initially it ran only from NC 30-34 (current US 158) Sunbury south to NC 342 (current US 17 Business) Edenton. In the beginning, NC 32 used today's SR 1303 Sandy Ridge Rd./Happy Home Rd./Sign Pine Rd.
NC 32 was put on its modern routing between Edenton and Sunbury about 1924.
In late 1934, NC 32 was extended north through Corapeake to Virginia, replacing a piece of NC 30.
1922 Auto Trails
NC 32 crooked routing
1938 Official
NC 32 straightened out
1935 Conoco
NC 32 sent to the Old Dominion

About 1940, NC 32 was extended southeast of Edenton as new primary routing, then replaced NC 172 across the Albermarle Sound to US 64. NC 32 was duplexed with US 64 west to Plymouth, then south replacing NC 97 down to US 264 near Bunyan.
1939 Gen Draft
NC 172 across the Sound

1939 Official
NC 97 Plymouth southward
1941 Rand McN
NC 32 replaces NC 172 and NC 97

About 1951, NC 32 (with US 64) received a new bypass of Plymouth, leaving behind SR 1325.
1944 Washington County
Through Plymouth
1949 Washington County
Bypassing Plymouth

In 1955, NC 32 (with US 64) received a new bypass of Roper, leaving behind SR xxxx.
1953 Washington County
Through Roper
1957 Washington County
Bypassing Roper

NC 32 was extended underneath US 264 and west through Washington Park to its current ending between 1980-82 as new primary routing, although the few blocks at US 17 eastward were likely part of NC 91 and maybe US 264 as well.
1979-80 Official
NC 32's south end 1939-80ish
1982-83 Official
NC 32 extended to Washington

NC 32 runs through a whole lot of pine barrens and swamps. In the early 90's there were still original concrete sections of NC 32 near Edenton and near Pinetown.
NC 32 has a love affair with US 17, as it starts there, crosses it in Edenton, then ends as VA 32 at US 17.

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