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I-95 Business 
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Photo: I-95 Business just south of NC 24 (Mapmikey)
I-95 Bus
I-95 Business  1 active segments
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The current I-95 Business appeared in May 1978 (NCDOT) as a designation connecting the temporary ends of completed pieces of I-95 in the Fayetteville area. At the time of designation, it was 100% duplexed with US 301.
In April 1980, when I-95 was completed around Fayetteville, I-95 Bus was extended on both ends to meet where the new freeway tied in. I'm pretty sure that I-95 Bus between I-95 and US 301 in South Mills, as well as US 301 Eastover to I-95 were both posted as mainline I-95 prior to 1980.
I-95 Business is fully freeway north of the Cape Fear River. From Hope Mills to NC 87 is a mix of interchanges and at-grade intersections. NC 87 to the Cape Fear River is essentially a city boulevard.
I-95 Business is erroneously posted as I-95 Business Spur at the new NC 162 intersection.

1979 Official
I-95 Bus appears in Fayetteville
1979 Official

The other I-95 Business was also created in May 1978 (NCDOT), following US 301 from Kenly to Battleboro, then replacing SR 1522 west to I-95 at Gold Rock.
In Jan 1986 (NCDOT), I-95 Business was decommissioned. US 301 remained from Kenly to Battleboro, while the piece from Battleboro to Gold Rock became NC 4.

1968 Official
US 301 Kenly to Batleboro
1968 Official
1979 Official
I-95 Bus Kenly to Gold Rock
1979 Official
1987 Official
I-95 Bus removed
1987 Official

From my childhood in the 70s I didn't recall I-95 Business being posted in Fayetteville prior to I-95 opening but I could be wrong. I also believe I remember seeing I-95 TEMP postings in Wilson along US 301, which had mile markers that began at Kenly.
For a time in the 1980s, there used to be signs on I-95 approaching both of its business loops with a summary of how many gas stations, hotels, and restaurants you could find along the business loops.

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