The Highways of North Carolina
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I-99  studied then rejected
Formerly: I-99 was specifically identified as a number for an interstate corridor running from Wilmington DE to Charleston SC that was mandated for study by a 2006 Act of the Virginia General Assembly. NCDOt participated in the study.
The study was completed in Nov 2006 and concluded that insufficient funding or interest exists to make this a reality any time soon. The study concludes that existing routes in this corridor undergo improvements to access control to approximate the benefit an interstate would provide.
The North Carolina portion of I-99 would essentially follow US 17. The study notes that simple multilaning the entirety of US 17 was a 20+ year project based on funding availability. So I don't think I-99 shields are forthcoming.
The choice of 99 as the number, while fitting the original interstate numbering scheme, would be incongruous given the existence of I-99 in central Pennsylvania. Should this proposal ever go forward, it would be better numbered as 97 (today's 97 should be part of 70 or 83 anyway) or even 101.
This was not the first time a Delmarva interstate has been officially proposed/studied by I think this is the first time it involved North Carolina.

Last Update: 10 December 2013

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