The Highways of North Carolina
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I-587  If first you don't succeed...
Futurely: I-587 was officially requested by NCDOT to be assigned to the US 264 freeway from US 64 (and approved I-87) Zebulon to Greenville. It turns out that NCDOT was also prepared to request only I-95 to Greenville as I-595 if for some reason I-87 was not approved.
In October 2016, AASHTO denied this request.
In November 2016, NCDOT received approval from FHWA for I-587 and shortly after AASHTO also approved it.
On 11/21/2016, NCDOT officially assigned Future I-587 to US 264 from US 64 Zebulon to the west end of the Greenville Bypass.

Last Update: 30 December 2016

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