The Highways of North Carolina
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I-87  48 miles
The Road: Begins at I-40/US 64 Raleigh (Wake County) and ends at I-95, US 64 near Rocky Mount (Nash County).
Towns and Attractions: Wake Co.: Raleigh, Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon  
Franklin Co.: None  
Nash Co.: Nashville
History: I-87 was created in April 2016 after AASHTO rejected North Carolina's request to use 89 as the designation to replace I-495 from I-440 to I-95, plus extend with I-440 southwest to I-40. The I-87 designation also applies to an approved corridor east from 95 to Norfolk VA via Williamston and Elizabeth City.
I-87 signs replaced the I-495 signs in September 2017. I-87 is posted from the I-40/440 interchange to US 64 Bus between Knigtsville and Wendell, which is further than I-495 was posted.
In Nov 2012, NCDOT had requested from FHA that the Raleigh to Norfolk corridor be designated as I-44. The route would follow the existing US 64 freeway from Raleigh to Williamston, then follow the path of US 17 to Virginia.
The choice of the number 87 OR 89 is perplexing. This route is clearly east-west in nature (it's not even close) and many even digit numbers are available that would fit the grid.
With the coming of I-87 this is the first odd digit interstate to be repeated in the U.S.
Exit List:
EXIT 16: I-40, US 64 WEST
EXIT 15: SR 1007 Poole Rd
EXIT 3: I-440 WEST
EXIT 4: SR 2036 New Hope Rd
EXIT 6: SR 2516 Hodge Rd
EXIT 7: I-540
EXIT 9: SR 2233 Smithfield Rd
EXIT 11: SR 2502 Taylor Rd
EXIT 13: US 64 Bus
EXIT 14 (WB only): SR 1003 Rolesville Rd
EXIT 432: SR 2339 Lizard Lick Rd
EXIT 435: NC 96
EXIT 436 (EB only): US 264 EAST
EXIT 439: NC 39
EXIT 442: SR 1153 Tant Rd
NO EXIT #: US 64-A, NC 231
NO EXIT #: NC 581
NO EXIT #: SR 1306 Old Franklin Rd
EXIT 458: US 64-A, US 64 Bus
EXIT 459: NC 58
EXIT 461: US 64 Bus
EXIT 463: SR 1603 Old Carriage Rd
EXIT 464: I-95, US 64 EAST

Last Update: 12 September 2017

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