The Highways of North Carolina
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I-89  where did you come from?
Futurely: In April 2016, I-89 was officially requested by NCDOT to AASHTO for designation for the future interstate corridor (Raleigh to Norfolk interstate). The idea of such a corridor was occasionally in the Norfolk press in the early 1990s but gathered more support by the mid-2000s.
In Nov 2012, NCDOT had requested from FHA that the Raleigh to Norfolk corridor be designated as I-44. The route would follow the existing US 64 freeway from Raleigh to Williamston, then follow the path of US 17 to Virginia.
In Feb 2013 (NCDOT), the US 64 freeway from I-440 to I-95 Rocky Mount was officially proposed as I-495 instead and in fact I-495 was signed in the field.
During the April 2016 AASHTO meeting, they rejected the number 89 and they agreed on using 87 instead.
The choice of the number 87 OR 89 is perplexing. This route is clearly east-west in nature (it's not even close) and many even digit numbers are available that would fit the grid.

Last Update: 29 July 2016

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