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This page contains some miscellaneous photos from the safety hearings. I chose photos that I thought would be of interest to a Virginia Highways Project viewer (or author!). The transcript of the hearings contained probably a hundred more photos mostly from NY City and Los Angeles with a few photos sprinkled from other areas.   All pictures are from the late 1960s "Highway Safety, Design, and Operations - Freeway Signing and Geometrics" unless noted.
Last update: 1/10/15
This is current I-295 clearview Expwy south at I-495 Long Island Expwy. The reason I include this particular New York photo is that it shows that I-78 was actually signed well east of Manhattan before the freeway that was supposed to cross Manhattan was cancelled.
This is the current I-395 split from I-695 in southwest DC. Back then this was I-95 north veering into the 3rd St tunnel. There is an I-95 shield on top of the To U.S. Capitol sign.
This is MD 97 Georgia Ave north at the Beltway.
This is the original southern end of US 29-70 Business for Lexington, NC. There are 9 cutout shields:
Far right: US 29 and US 70 with a single BUSINESS banner
Center (from left to right): US 29 and US 70 with a single BYPASS banner plus a US 52 shield underneath; the 2 cutouts in the middle of this assemblage are likely TO US 64 West and TO US 64 East cutouts; the 2 to the right are US 29 and US 70 with a single BUSINESS banner
Left of the gaggle of cutouts: non-cutouts and also not white border US 29, US 70, and US 52 shields. Above the US 29 shield is an I-85 shield. Cannot tell if the banner says NORTH or TEMP or TEMPORARY.
This interchange was totally destroyed and rebuilt north of here. But you can still access the ramp that is off to the right which is Brian Center Rd leaving Grimes Blvd. The experts really did not like this interchange because of the poor visibility coming around a curve at high speed to be confronted with this much route signage.
This is US 70 Bypass west at NC 57-86. The expert didn't like that there was no indication US 70 continued on here. This picture is the oldest one I've seen with non-cutout NC route shields. Also noteworthy is that no county map I've seen shows NC 57 continuing south with NC 86 to what I presume is the US 70 Business junction in Hillsborough.

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