BW Pkwy south to I-495 Gallery

This page is a virtual drive on the Baltimore-Washington Pkwy south from about where the Goddard exit is today to I-495.   All pictures are from the late 1960s "Highway Safety, Design, and Operations - Freeway Signing and Geometrics" unless noted.
Last update: 1/10/15
This is the B-W Pkwy nearing the area of MD 193.
Still before MD 193, warning that the Beltway is approaching.
A tad closer.
Approaching the Greenbelt Park interchange, which is the same as MD 193. For some reason all the BGSs were on the left side of the roadway.
Approaching the MD 193 interchange. Check out the text route number. There are a lot of places you can get to from this exit.
At the MD 193 ramp which is unchanged today.
Further into the MD 193 interchange with the Beltway coming up.
This is the merge from MD 193 with no acceleration lane and the MD 193 overpass. The Outer Loop ramp starts very soon.
The ramp for the Outer Loop forms here.
At the exit gore for the outer loop, with the Inner Loop ramp approaching. Note that back then this is where I-495 changed from N/S to E/W. Today this point is further around the outer loop. Also, the control point cities today are Richmond and Silver Spring/Baltimore.
At the merge of the ramp from 495 outer loop to BW Pkwy south.
At the bridge over the beltway. Because I-95 hadn't been built between the Baltimore and Washington beltways yet, long distance I-95 through traffic would use the B-W Pkwy and then the beltway around the east side of DC.
At the ramp to the Inner Loop of the beltway.

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