I-95 North to I-495 Inner Loop Gallery

This page is a virtual drive on I-95 north to I-495 west.   All pictures are from the late 1960s "Highway Safety, Design, and Operations - Freeway Signing and Geometrics" unless noted.
Last update: 1/10/15
This is I-95 north approaching the beltway at the SR 789 Commerce St overpass. It appears the reversible roadway is at least paved. There are between 8-10 lanes total on I-95 in this picture. Today this area looks vastly different and I-95 is now 25 lanes across.
Just past the Commerce St overpass.
Nearing the ramp to the beltway. There is just one ramp which splits to each loop of the beltway. The overpass ahead is the Outer Loop.
Entering the ramp to access the Beltway.
Approaching the split for beltway access. Dulles Airport is mentioned here.
At the split for beltway access. The 495 numerals are really small. Today I-495 west is signed for Tysons Corner here.
On the ramp to the Inner Loop. Here are classic curve warning signs with the sharp arrows and MAX SAFE SPEED advisory. The Max Safe Speed signs go back to at least 1952.
Entering the sharp curve on the ramp. This ramp went away and a clover was installed around 1972. Now there is a 3-lane wide flyover.
Here comes the ramp from I-95 north to the Inner Loop.
This ramp merging in from the left.
At the merge. The experts complained that there were two lane drops here with no signage indicating this. To continue with I-495 Inner Loop, go here.
This is from the 495 WB to 95 SB flyover looking back at where the 95 NB ramp to 495 WB arrives.

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