I-70S south to I-270 split Gallery

This page is a virtual drive on I-70S south to the I-270 split.   All pictures are from the late 1960s "Highway Safety, Design, and Operations - Freeway Signing and Geometrics" unless noted.
Last update: 1/10/15
This is I-70S approaching the split at I-270.
This is I-70S still approaching the split at I-270 which is also the decision point for which way on I-495 you want to go.
Approaching the lane divide. Today the road labeled I-270 is I-270 SPUR.
Nearing the divide. Today the road labeled I-70S is I-270. Note that US 240 also follows I-70S but no US 240 shields appear anywhere. The bridge next to the sign is over Tuckerman Ln.
At the split. These interstate shields are different from any I've seen - outlines only with no color or "interstate" at the top. Today there are 6 lanes and the control points are very different - to the left is now Silver Spring and College Park while to the right is now Washington and N. Virginia.

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