US 50 est at US 301/MD 3 Gallery

This page is a virtual drive on US 50 east as it comes to US 301 and MD 3 near Bowie.   All pictures are from the late 1960s "Highway Safety, Design, and Operations - Freeway Signing and Geometrics" unless noted.
Last update: 1/10/15
This is US 50 approaching the interchange with US 301 and MD 3. All routes are in text format through here.
This is US 50 approaching the ramp to US 301 south for Richmond. Back then using US 301 to Richmond was likely a breeze.
At the ramp to US 301 south with MD 3 north ramp coming up.
At the ornate overpass of Crain Hwy. Though not signed from this perspective anywhere, US 301 north continues straight along the US 50 freeway.
At the ramp to MD 3 north. Note the Friendship Airport sign which looks like a local install. Today the ramp to MD 3 north is not on a clover but instead on a flyover and it is now signed for Crofton instead of Baltimore.

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