VA 396
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VA 396
Photo: VA 396 from US 522/VA 6 WB (photo by Mapmikey, Dec 2006)
From:  Goochland C.H. (Goochland County)
To:  Goochland C.H. (Goochland County)
Total Length:  0.85 miles  
US 522, VA 6: 0 - 0
SR 632: 0.85 - 0.85
Creation:  J. Seargent Reynolds (Western Campus) opened in 1978. This is the 2nd VA 396.
Adjustments:  None
Improvements:  Paved upon inception; no multilane segments
Posting:  Fully posted with shields at US 522/VA 6; white rectangles at SR 632.
Multiplexes:  None
Legislative names:  None
Other names:  Dickenson Rd
Scenic Byway:  None
Comment:  Does not appear on official maps; located just south of the US 522/VA 6 northern split.
There are two stubs on campus that are also part of VA 396. one goes into the parking lot and the other curls around to the maintenance area behing the buildings. Neither is posted as 396 in any way both both have END state maintenance signage.
VA 396 (1995 Goochland County)
VA 396
1995 Goochland County
Previous VA 396's:

VA 396 #1: Appears in the October 1926 VDOT Route Log with the entry "see 251". VA 39 would have crossed VA 251 in Waynesboro. Thus, VA 396 was a briefly existing renumbering of VA 334 from 1 mile west of Waynesboro through Stuarts Draft to VA 33 (now US 11) near Greenville. It is less clear if VA 396 also replaced the piece of VA 334 west of US 11 along today's SR 701, as 334 was also in the same route log as "see 251" which strongly implies 334 was still around (other routes decommissioned prior to this time were not listed in the log pointing you to their replacements).
So in Oct 1926 VA 396 became VA 251. Today, it is essentially US 340. I have seen no map showing 396. Only 334 or 251.
VA 396 (1926 Route Log)
VA 396 becoming VA 251
1926 Route Log

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