VA 358
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VA 358
Photo: VA 358 is posted well within the facility (photo by Mapmikey, Jan 2006)
From:  near Fishersville (Augusta County)
To: Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
Total Length:  1.07 miles  
Creation:  Appeared March 1949 (CTB) as new primary routing, running as it does now, plus a few additional streets for a total of 1.65 miles. This is the only VA 358.
Adjustments:  In Aug 1967 (CTB), two segments were removed from the primary system totaling 0.093 miles: Administration Circle off 1st St and the driveway from 1st St to Conference Hall.
In Aug 1969 (CTB), two more segments were removed from VA 358 totaling 0.43 miles: 3rd St from 1st St to the Watch Makers School and Disposal Plant Rd northwest off 1st St.

VA 358
VA 358 before reductions
1958 Augusta County
VA 358
VA 358 after reductions
2003 Augusta County

Improvements:  Paved upon inception; no multilane segments
Posting:  Full shields at US 250; shields and white rectangles within the facility.
Multiplexes:  None
Legislative names:  None
Other names:  Wilson St, 1st Ave, 1st St and 4th St where they run on state property.
Scenic Byway:  None
Comment:  VA 358 does not appear on official maps although there is room.
VA 358 is erroneously identified as VA 357 in the 1949 Route Log.
A new road was built from the US 250/VA 358 intersection southeast to VA 285 near I-64, but this road was designated SR 636.

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