Colonial Pkwy
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Colonial Parkway

From:  Jamestown settlement near
To:  Yorktown
Total Length:  22.6 miles  

Creation: The Colonial Parkway opened from Williamsburg to Yorktown between 1935-37.
Adjustments: The Colonial Parkway was extended west underneath Williamsburg and to Jamestown in 1957.
In 2003, the Colonial Pkwy was assigned administratively as VA 90003.
Posting: Well marked from access routes. No specific shield for the parkway itself.
Comments: The Colonial Parkway is a scenic route between two important historical places in Virginia, the founding of the colony in Jamestown and the end of the Revolutionary War in Yorktown. In between is the early capital of Virginia in Williamsburg.
The parkway passes first along the James River, then along the York River.
The east end is one block from where VA 238 makes the change from Cook Rd to Moore House Rd.
The Parkway has no intersection with I-64.
Much of the Parkway, particularly between Williamsburg and Yorktown, is concrete slap that is 3 narrow lanes wide, yet does not have any lane markings.  The lack of lane markings is likely because they would take away from the "historical character" of the route.

Access List: Access to Colonial Pkwy is limited to interchanges and a few intersections, as shown in the below list (list goes west-to-east starting at Jamestown)
VA 359 (at-grade)
VA 199/VA 132
Newport Ave in Williamsburg
England St N in Williamsburg
VA 132Y (at-grade)
Parkway Dr in Williamsburg (this is old VA 163)
Hubbard Ln/SR 716
Penniman Rd/SR 641
US 17
Moore House Rd/SR 1020 (at-grade; this used to be VA 238)


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