Former Virginia State Highway 260

(and now part of U.S. 258)

This page is for photos relating to the construction of the VA 260 connector.  VA 260 was constructed as a 2-lane highway on a 4-lane right-of-way, connecting US 58 to US 258 east of Franklin, and in effect serving as a truck bypass for US 258 traffic, as thru trucks are not allowed through downtown Franklin.  The southern portion of the connector was completed and open to traffic for several years before the rest of the corridor was finally completed in 2003, a few months after these photos were taken.  While the southern, long-completed segment was signed as VA 260, the whole corridor was signed as US 258 shortly after its opening, comprising part of a bypass of Franklin for US 258 traffic.  Existing US 258 through Franklin is now BUSINESS US 258.

These pictures were all taken by Adam Froehlig on March 15, 2003.

Westbound US 58 did not have any guid signage at the interchange with VA 189 SOUTH/VA 260.  Instead, these trailblazers are used to mark the exit.  Since this photo was taken, guide signs have been installed.
Not a common sight, these BEGIN/END shields are posted southbound at the interchange's westbound ramps.  The VA 189 shield is technically in error, since VA 189 has a hidden duplex with US 58 to the east, then ends in Holland.
Looking northbound.  This is where VA 260 began.
A close-up view of the BEGIN/END shields posted on the northbound side.
This was the temporary northern end of VA 260, at the turnoff to SR 617.  As you can see, construction is nearly complete on this part of the extension.
Heading eastbound along SR 616.  This overpass was the only remaining part of the VA 260 (now US 258) Connector to be completed.  At this time (mid-March), steel I-beams had been placed, but the bridge deck had only barely been started.
Looking south from the T-intersection at SR 1603.  This portion of the VA 260 Connector was only missing signage, though the bridge to the south (over SR 616) is still under construction.
Driving south towards the uncompleted bridge.  Though paving is completed, the pavement markings end before the bridge.
This view, looking south at the bridge, shows construction of the bridge deck underway.
Heading back north along another completed section, and approaching the intersection with US 258/BUSINESS US 58.
Once the Connector is completed and open, this intersection, at US 258/BUSINESS US 58, will be VA 260's northern terminus.  After crossing the railroad, US 258 continues straight ahead towards Windsor and Smithfield.

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