U.S. Highway 60 in Virginia

These are various photos from along the US 60 corridor in Virginia.  All were taken by me (Adam Froehlig).

Looking westbound at the 26th St/Jefferson Ave intersection in Newport News.  VA 167 used to follow Jefferson Ave here.  Photo taken March, 2003.
Sign bridge on the 26th St overpass over I-664.  The US 60 shield on the right-side upright is missing.  Photo taken March, 2003.
VA 351 trailblazer along the one-way-north (sic west)bound Warwick Blvd, at 42nd St.  Traffic is directed to the south/eastbound Huntington Ave in order to access VA 351 at the 39th St overpass.  Photo taken March, 2003.
Shields at the interchange with US 17/258 (Mercury Blvd) in Newport News.  Though unsigned here, VA 32 also follows US 17/258.  Photo taken March, 2003.
A view of BGS on the overpass.  US 17/258 continue cross the James River Bridge, where US 258 turns towards Smithfield, while US 17 loops back around east towards Portsmouth.  Photo taken March, 2003.
Approaching the US 60/VA 105 interchange, a cloverleaf/partial-directional.  Photo taken March, 2003.
Shields at the US 60/VA 30 intersection northwest of Williamsburg.  US 60 and VA 30 swap 4-lane roads at this intersection.  VA 30 to the south was VA 168 at one point in the 1960s.  Photo taken March, 2003.
This westbound view is in Rockbridge County, west of Lexington and before US 60 joins I-64.  Photo taken May 24, 2003.



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