Virginia State Secondary Route Photos

This page shows photos of various Secondary Routes (SR) within the state of Virginia.  All photos on this page were taken by me (Adam Froehlig).

Secondary Routes

Signpost at the SR 600/SR 604 intersection on the Northumberland/Richmond County line.  Taken May, 2003.
This picture is looking eastbound on SR 607 in James City County, between I-64 and SR 602.  Taken Spring, 2003.
The first of four photographs taken over Memorial Day weekend, 2003.  While trying to find a shortcut between US 220 south of Clifton Forge and I-81 near Natural Bridge, my mother and I tried using SR 622 east from Gala.  Even though the road turned to gravel after a couple miles, we decided to continue along it anyway.
Looking northeast from an "overlook" on SR 622 at a valley between Biggs Mountain (off the photo to the left) and Painter Mountain (off the photo to the right)
Signpost at the southern SR 612/SR 622 junction in eastern Botetourt County.
Signpost, with an interesting STOP sign placement, at the northern SR 612/SR 622 junction.
SR 634 in Nelson County.  I tried this road as a shortcut between VA 151 and VA 6, as I headed home from a day of skiing at Wintergreen.  Taken March, 2003.



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