Froggie's Photos of the

7th Annual Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

"Family Fun Day" Bike/Hike Event

October 2nd, 2004

This year was the first year that I've been able to attend the annual bike/hike event at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT).  The following photo sets were all taken by me the morning of the 7th Annual event as I participated in the bike part of the event early.  Except for a stiff southeasterly wind (which was hell-on-wheels on the first part of the bike ride), the weather was excellent for most of the event, though a line of thunderstorms around lunchtime, towards the end.  One nice thing about the event is that participants got free travel across the CBBT...we did not have to pay the toll.  That in itself was a $17 bonus which was later returned through foodbank donations and T-shirt purchase.

All photos were taken by the webmaster (Adam Froehlig) on October 2, 2004.

Northbound Drive to the Event

Beginning the drive northbound on the CBBT.  The bicycle part of the event was being held starting at the North Toll Plaza on the Northampton County side of the CBBT.  I passed through the South Toll Plaza around 7am and traffic was still light.
To accommodate the hikers and bikers, the north and south portions of the CBBT were restricted to 2-lane/2-way travel on one of the trestles, while the other trestle was used by the bikers and hikers.  This sign, prohibiting passing for the length of the CBBT, wasn't entirely accurate, as the middle section between the Thimble Shoals Channel and Chesapeake Channel tunnels remained open to 4-lane traffic.  Passing was prohibited on the 2-lane/2-way portions though, and even if it were allowed, traffic conditions later in the day would prevent any possible passing anyway.

The approaches to the two tunnels were reduced to 45 MPH for about a mile either side of the tunnel entrances, to facilitate shuttle buses taking the one-way bikers/hikers back to their starting points.  The approaches also had portable VMS set up, cautioning drivers to "Prepare To Stop", as well as signs warning of flaggers.
As mentioned above, the middle portion of the CBBT remained open to 4-lane traffic.

As mentioned above, the northern part of the CBBT, from the Chesapeake Channel tunnel up to the North Toll Plaza, was also restricted to 2-lane/2-way traffic in order to facilitate the bike part of the event.  The south end, for the hikers, was on the old trestle with traffic on the new trestle.  Here was the opposite, with traffic on the old trestle and bikers using the new trestle.  The sun also started peeking out from the horizon around this time.

The scenic overlook just north of the Fisherman's Channel bridge was closed to help facilitate the bikers.  This portable VMS mentioned that event parking was "Just Ahead".  Later, just south of the toll plaza, traffic split back their respective sides.

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