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U.S. 521 
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Photo: US 521 leaving I-485 (Mapmikey)
US 521
U.S. 521  4 miles
The Road: Begins at the South Carolina State line below Pineville (Mecklenburg County) and ends at I-485 in Pineville (Mecklenburg County).
Nationally US 521 runs from US 17 Georgetown, SC to Pineville.
Towns and Attractions: Mecklenburg Co.: Pineville  
History: US 521 was born in 1932 as an addition to NC 26 from US 21/NC 261 (now NC 51) Pineville down to the nearby South Carolina state line.
In Oct 1968 (NCDOT), US 521 was extended north, replacing US 21 along Pineville Rd and South Blvd, then west along Moorehead St to end at US 29 Graham St. Official State Maps from 1969-74 showed a US 21-521 duplex into downtown Charlotte, while the 1972 Mecklenburg County map showed only US 21 north of Woodlawn.

1968 NCDOT
Document from NCDOT extending US 521 all the way to US 29 in Downtown Charlotte
Oct 1968 NCDOT Route Change Document

In March 1976 (NCDOT), US 521 was rerouted to head west off South Blvd along Woodlawn Rd to end at NC 49. Official maps showed it erroneously ending at I-77/US 21. The old routing of US 521 into central Charlotte became secondary.

1936 Mecklenburg County
US 521's initial routing
1936 Mecklenburg County
1970 Official
US 521 extended to Downtown Charlotte
1970 Official
1978 Official
US 521 truncated to Woodlawn at NC 49
1978 Official

In Jan 1985 (NCDOT), US 521 was extended north from NC 49 to I-85 along the new Billy Graham Pkwy.
In July 1995 (NCDOT), US 521 was removed from Lancaster Hwy and moved to Johnson Rd below I-485, resulting in an I-485 duplex from Exit 61 to 65.
In Sept 2003 (NCDOT), US 521 north was truncated to I-485, leaving behind I-485 and secondary routes to I-85. Billy Graham Pkwy is also signed as Charlotte 4.

1986 Official
US 521 extended to I-85
1986 Official
1997 Official
US 521 shifted east and onto I-485
1997 Official
2006 Official
US 521 truncated to I-485
2006 Official

Comments: US 521 is now North Carolina's shortest U.S. Route, but it is also the only U.S. Route in N.C. to be 100% 4-lane. Like that was hard.
Adam Froehlig reported in September 2004 US 521 was still posted from I-85 at the Billy Graham Pkwy exit, even though the 2004 Official Map shows the truncated routing of US 521 .

Last Update: 19 October 2013

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