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U.S. 1 Business  3 active segments
The Roads:

US 1 Business #1: Born in 1960 as a renumbering of US 1-A through Sanford. Ran on Carthage St and Hawkins Ave. This was the historical route of original NC 50.
Between 1976-78, US 1 BUsiness was rerouted southward leaving Sanford to follow NC 42 back over to mainline US 1. The remaining Carthage Rd southward is now SR 1237.

1957 Lee County
US 1-A through Sanford
1962 Lee County
US 1-A becomes US 1 Bus
1962 Lee County
US 1 Bus rerouted to follow NC 42

US 1 Business #2: Born in 1960 as a renumbering of US 1-A through Gill and Henderson. US 1 Business uses Raleigh Rd and Garnett St and was the route of original NC 50.
US 1 Business actually loops east of US 1 to go through Gill.

1957 Vance County
US 1-A through Henderson
1962 Vance County
US 1 Business replaces US 1-A

US 1 Business #4: The most recent active US 1 BUsiness to be created was born in June 2005 when US 1 was sent to the east of Vass and Cameron. This too was part of original NC 50.

2005 Official
US 1 through Vass-Cameron
2006 Official
US 1 bypasses Vass-Cameron

There is one US 1 Business segment (#3) that has come and gone. Created in 1963, US 1 Business for Raleigh was born when US 1 was placed on the new Beltline. US 1 Business followed Hillsborough St into the city center, then McDowell/Dawson (one-way pairs), Downtown Blvd and North Blvd (now Capital Blvd) northeast back out to the Beltline.
US 1 Business was decommissioned in 1975. Hillsborough St became secondary (why not an extended NC 54?) and the rest remained US 401.
Only the Hillsborough St section was part of original NC 50.

1965 Official
US 1 Business in Raleigh

There is the possibility of a US 1 Business existing 1960-61 through Southern Pines but I don't have any resources to confirm one way or another.

Last Update: 1 September 2008

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