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Photo: US 1-A has a duplex with NC 96 in Youngsville (Adam Prince)
US 1-A
U.S. 1-A  2 active segments
The Roads: The two current US 1-A routes (4th and 5th ones created) were both born in 1953 as renumberings of mainline US 1 in Wake Forest/Youngsville (9 miles) and Franklinton (2 miles) which in both cases was moved to western new routings.
BOth of these US 1-A routes were once part of original NC 50.
It is a mystery why these weren't both converted to US 1 Business routes in 1960, especially the short Franklinton one.
The Franklinton US 1-A stopped showing up on NC Officials in 2001 or 2002 but it is still there.

1951 Official
US 1 north of Raleigh
1953 Official
US 1 bypasses Wake Forest and Franklinton

There have been several other US 1-A's:
The first US 1-A may have appeared In 1933, as a second route between Cary and Raleigh. This US 1-A followed US 70's routing between the cities, along Western Blvd (see the scan for other Raleigh Sts. used). This US 1-A shows up on General Drafting Maps from at least 1933-35 (check out the far left of the scan below on the Western Outlet road). The 1936 Gen Drafting calls it US 70 only.
1933 Gen Draft
US 1-A in 1933?

The second US 1-A appeared in 1946, running from Wake Forest Rd along Louisburg Rd (with NC 59), then cutting north as new routing to meet back up with Wake Forest Rd.
This US 1-A and US 1 Wake Forest Rd switched designations in 1948, creating the third US 1-A. This US 1-A was decommissioned in 1956 or 1957 to secondary routing.

1947 Gen Draft
US 1-A on Louisburg Rd
1948 Amoco
US 1 and US 1-A swap

The 6th US 1-A appeared in 1956 or 1957 when Southern Pines was bypassed to the west. May St through town became US 1-A. It is unclear if US 1-A became US 1 BUsiness here in 1960. The route is shown as secondary on the 1962 Moore County map.

1953 Moore County
US 1 through Southern Pines
1957 Moore County
US 1 bypasses Southern Pines
1962 Moore County
May St is SR 2080 in 1962

The 7th US 1-A appeared in 1956 or 1957 when Sanford was bypassed to the west. Carthage Rd through town became US 1-A. In 1960 this was renumbered as US 1 Business which it remains today except below NC 42 is now secondary. US 1-A was cosigned with US 15A-501A.

1953 Lee County
US 1 through Sanford
1957 Lee County
US 1 bypasses Sanford
1962 Lee County
US 1 becomes US 1 Bus

In 1956 or 1957, the 8th US 1-A was created when US 1 was given a super-2 bypass to the east of Henderson. The original route through Henderson became US 1-A which was renumbered as US 1 BUsiness in 1960.

1953 Vance County
US 1 through Henderson
1957 Vance County
US 1-A through Henderson
1962 Vance County
US 1 Business replaces US 1-A

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