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U.S. 19-A 
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Photo: Adam Prince found this shield in a restaurant in Gastonia
US 19-A
U.S. 19-A  dead

The first US 19-A appears on several commercial maps from 1935-37, running on the current US 19E corridor. However, official maps for 1935, 1936 and 1938 all show US 19E in place. So this may be more wishful thinking than anything else.
1935 Gen Draft
US 19-A through Spruce Pine?

The 2nd US 19-A was born when US 19 was given a new routing through Waynesville via today's US 276 and Walnut St. Main St then became US 19A-23A. This occurred between 1939-44.
US 19-A may have been dropped from the route as early as 1948 when US 19 and the Cherokee US 19-A swapped routes, although county maps through 1962 show two US 19-A routes. Did the Walnut St option become US 19A-1?
Even stranger, the 1968 Haywood County map shows both routes as US 19-A Business.
1936 Haywood County
US 19-23 on Main St. in Waynesville
1944 Haywood County
US 19A-23A on Main St. in Waynesville
1962 Haywood County
US 19A everywhere you look.

The 3rd US 19-A was born about 1947 as a renumbering of NC 293 and some of NC 28. It ran from US 19 (now SR 1195) near Ela through Cherokee and Soco Gap to end at US 19-23 Lake Junaluska.
In 1948 this was swapped with mainline US 19, creating the 4th US 19-A. US 19-A ran southeast from Ela on SR 1195 to Whittier. Here, US 19-A picked up current US 74-441 southeast to near Dillsboro, where it used SR 1514 Haywood Rd, then US 23 Business to Sylva.
US 19-A followed SR 1432 Skyland Dr through Beta and Addie to Willets before picking back up today's US 23-74. US 19-A used SR 1472 Balsam Loop Rd through Balsam. After more US 23-74, US 19-A used SR 1243 Old Balsam Rd through Saunook to Hazelwood.
US 19-A picked up US 23 Business through Waynesville. It is unclear whether this US 19-A used Main St (which was already US 19-A) all the way or used Russ St and Walnut St (which was mainline US 19).

1942 Official
NC 28 and NC 293
1947 Gen Draft
US 19-A through Cherokee and Soco Gap
1952 Official
US 19-A through Sylva and Waynesville

Between 1954-57, US 19-A was placed on modern US 23-74 bypassing Beta and Addie; also Balsam was bypassed.
Between 1958-62, US 19-A was placed on one-way splits through Sylva. NB used Main St and SB used Mill St.
In 1968, US 19-A was placed on the new bypass of Waynesville leaving behind US 23 Business (the '68 Haywood County map does call it US 19A Business but I am skeptical). This changed US 19-A's northern end to the current US 19-23-74 split west of Lake Junaluska.
1967 Official
US 19A-23 through Waynesville
1968 Official
US 19A-23 bypasses Waynesville

About 1974, US 19-A was placed on the new bypass of Sylva, leaving behind US 23 Business and SR 1514 Haywood Rd.
1973-74 Official
US 19A-23 in Sylva
1974-75 Official
US 19A-23 bypasses Sylva

About 1975, US 19-A was removed from SR 1195 and instead placed on new freeway west bypassing Bryson City to meet up with US 19.
In 1987, US 19-A was renumbered as part of US 74. Oddly, the Officials 1984 through 1987 call it US 19 Bypass, with no change in the Cherokee US 19 designation.
1980 AAA
US 19A extended west of Bryson City
1987 Official
US 74 replaces US 19-A

The 5th US 19-A appeared about 1949 as a renumbering of mainline US 19 through West Asheville into downtown Asheville. It used Haywood through W. Asheville, then Clingman Ave to Patton Ave which was then-US 19.
US 19-A (100% duplex with US 23-A) was renumbered as US 19 Business in 1960. East of I-240 is no longer primary routing.

1944 Buncombe County
US 19 through W Asheville
1949 Buncombe County
US 19-A through W. Asheville
1960 Official
US 19-A becomes US 19 Bus

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