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U.S. 19-W 
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Photo: US 19-W from US 19-E (Matthew Craig)
US 19W
U.S. 19-W  22 miles
The Road: Begins at US 19-19E Cane River and ends at the Tennessee Line near Ramseytown, all within Yancey County. The route continues to US 19-19E in Bluff City, TN.
Towns and Attractions: Yancey Co.: Ramseytown, Pisgah Nat'l Forest  
History: US 19W was born in 1930. It was added to all of NC 692 from Cane River to Sioux and NC 19 from Sioux to Tennessee.
US 23 was added as a 100% duplex at the same time US 19W was created.

1928 Gen Draft
NC 692/19 Cane River to Tennessee
1930 Official
US 19W is born

NC 19 and NC 692 were dropped from the route in late 1934.
Commercial maps from 1935-37 showed US 19W renumbered as US 19. However, Official maps from 1935, 1936 and 1938 all show US 19W remaining in force.
US 23 was dropped from US 19W in 1952.
In 1984, US 19W was extended south slightly to the current US 19/19E junction. This replaced a little bit of US 19.

1968 Yancey County
US 19W south end (1930-1984)
1987 Yancey County
US 19W south end (since 1984)

US 19W has long been a useless US route corridor, definitely since 1952 when US 23 was moved. This should be re-christened as NC/TN 36.

Last Update: 20 June 2009

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