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Photo: US 15 Business in a residential part of Durham. I really dig the 501 shield. (Jimmy Storey)
US 15
U.S. 15 Business  2 active segments
The Roads:

US 15 Business #3: Born in 1960 as a renumbering of mainline US 15-501 save for one block of Geer St. through Durham. Although the Durham Bypass dates back to 1957, it did not have a number on today's solo 15-501 segment. Thus, there was not a 15A-501A through Durham.
US 15 Business ran as it does today - University Dr to Lakewood Ave, then new one-way splits with Roxboro St (NB) and Mangum St (SB).

1958 Official
US 15-501 through Durham
1960 Official
US 15-501 Bus is created.

US 15 Business #4: Born between 1960-62 as an add-on to US 401 Bus and US 501 Bus through Laurinburg, running as it does today. The 1957 Scotland County map shows US 15 on the bypass but the business route was US 501 and US 401-A. There may or may not have been a US 15-A in 1958 or 1959 first.This was the route of original NC 24.

1953 Scotland County
US 15 through Laurinburg
1957 Scotland County
No US 15-anything through Laurinburg
1962 Scotland County
US 15 Business through Laurinburg

There are 2 US 15 Business segments that are no longer active:

US 15 Business #1: Created in 1960 as a renumbering of US 15A-501A through Chapel Hill. It used today's NC 86 from the south then headed out east on Franklin St.
It appears US 15-501 Business through Chapel Hill went away between 1985-87.

1957 Orange County
US 15A-501A through Chapel Hill
1962 Orange County
US 15-501 Bus through Chapel Hill, with erroneous 54 Byp shield too far north

US 15 Business #2: Born in 1960 as a renumbering of US 15-A through Sanford. Ran on Carthage St and Hawkins Ave. This was the historical route of original NC 50.
Between 1976-78, US 1 BUsiness was rerouted southward leaving Sanford to follow NC 42 back over to mainline US 1. The remaining Carthage Rd southward is now SR 1237.
It is uncertain when US 15-501 Business through Sanford was deposted but a good guess would be when US 1 Business was rerouted.

1957 Lee County
US 15-A through Sanford
1962 Lee County
US 15-A becomes US 15 Bus
1962 Lee County
US 15 Bus no longer present

Last Update: 16 January 2009

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