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N.C. 705 
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N.C. 705  26 miles
The Road: Begins at I-73/74 and US 220 near Seagrove (Randolph County) and ends at NC 211 Eagl Springs (Moore County).
Towns and Attractions: Randolph Co: Seagrove (Pottery Factory Outlets), Whynot
Rockingham Co: Robbins, Eagle Springs
History: NC 705 was born in 1932. It ran from its parent NC 70 (with US 311-411) east of Seagrove (today's "Old US 220") southeast to NC 74 below Robbins (now NC 24-27).
NC 705 was extended south as new numbering to NC 211 Eagle Springs between 1943-47.
About 1952, NC 705 was extended west over US 220 to US 220's new alignment (not the freeway which came years later) at Seagrove.

1949 Randolph County
NC 705 ending near Whynot
1949 Randolph County
1953 Randolph County
NC 705 extended to Seagrove
1953 Randolph County

NC 705 was extended west over SR 1118 Little River Rd. from US 220A to its current end at I-73/74 when it was completed in the early 1990's, although official maps even today still don't show it.
1932 Texaco
NC 705's initial routing
1950 General Drafting
NC 705 extended to NC 211

Thanks to Lou Corsaro for the following NC 705 comments/info: Banners are up below the NC 705 trailblazer as the pottery highway with a rest stop in Westmoore near the Randolph County line. Pottery stands are countless up and down along & off NC 705 (also some on NC 211 and NC 24/27 as well). The story behind the town of Whynot was originated around the late 1800's when people gathered together on what to name the town. A person came up and said, " Why not name the town Whynot? ". Robbins is home of vice presidential candidate John Edwards and astronaut Charles Brady Jr. Mapmikey notices that Robbins was once called Hemp.

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