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N.C. 704 
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Photo: NC 704 ending, posted in black and white (Adam Prince)
NC 704
N.C. 704  38 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 89 near Fransicso (Stokes County) and ends at NC 65 near Wentworth (Rockingham County).
Towns and Attractions: Stokes Co: None
Rockingham Co: Mayodan, Madison
History: NC 704 was born about 1930. It originally ran from US 170/NC 70 Greensboro (where Battleground Ave, Elm St., and Summit Ave all converged) northwest along Old Battleground Rd through Summerfield to NC 708 (at the jct of Ellisboro and Bald Hill Loop Rds just east of the US 220-NC 704 interchange) outside Madison.
In 1932, US 170 became US 29, and US 411 was assigned to NC 704's entirety from Greensboro to Madison.
In 1933, NC 704 was extended northwest to NC 891 (curr NC 8) Smith. This replaced a smidge of NC 708, included a brief multiplex with US 311, and was new routing west of Madison-Mayodan.
1930 Official
NC 704's initial routing
1933 Official
NC 704 extended to NC 891

Additionally, NC 704's south end was altered to use Wendover Ave to N. Elm St. instead of Battleground Ave all the way in to downtown Greensboro.
1932 Texaco
NC 704's initial Greensboro routing
1934 Gousha
NC 704's last Greensboro routing

In 1934, NC 704 was removed from its US 411 multiplex between Madison and Greensboro (US 411 would lose its title as well shortly to become US 220).
In 1935, NC 704 was extended east from Madison to its current end near Wentworth, replacing all of NC 708. NC 704's east end was US 158 then (NC 65 now).
In 1936, NC 704 was extended as new numbering (although in the 1920's this had been NC 893 and NC 661) west from NC 109 (NC 891's successor) to NC 89 Francisco.

1936 Official
NC 704 assumes its current shape

NC 704 had many alterations in its toddler years, but has been very stable since 1936.

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