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Photo: NC 661's old end at NC 89 (Mark Clifton)
NC 661
N.C. 661  dead

NC 661: was an original state highway, running from its parent NC 66 (now old US 52 W. King St) in King running north through Gap the east to end at NC 89 (current jct of Moores Springs Rd and Dan George Rd) in Moores Springs.
In 1923, NC 661 was extended northwest along NC 89 to Fransisco, then replaced NC 893 to the Virginia State Line at Smith.
In 1924, NC 661 north was rerouted at Gap to proceed northwest to NC 89 well west of Fransisco, then east on NC 89 to re-connect with the 661 extension from 1923. The old road from Gap to Moores Springs is Moore Springs Rd.
In 1926, the south end of NC 661 was moved to just inside Forsyth County, again ending at NC 66 (old US 52) near Rural Hall. The old route from King appears to have used N. Main St but how this connected back up is not certain...the Stokes County map is the only one I seem to be missing from 1930.
Also in 1926, NC 661 north was truncated back to NC 89 in northwestern Stoke County. The segment northeast of 89 became secondary, though today is part of NC 704.
In 1935, NC 661 was renumbered as NC 66.

1922 Auto Trails Map
NC 661 initial route
1924 Official
NC 661 rerouted and replaces NC 893
1926 Official
NC 661 rerouted and truncated to NC 89
1936 Official
NC 661 becomes NC 66

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