The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 562 
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N.C. 562  dead
NC 562:Created in 1932 as new primary routing, running from NC 56 Wilton north through Oxford, then northwest to end at NC 144? (current NC 49) just below Virgilina, VA.
In late 1940, NC 562 was renumbered as part of NC 96 as it remains today.

1933 Official
NC 562
1941-42 Official
NC 562 becomes NC 96

The northern end of old NC 562 is uncertain. The 1930 Granville County map shows today's NC 49 and NC 96 not meeting - each preceding county route reached the Virginia State Line. Official State maps are not detailed enough to show when that stopped being the case. 1932 and 1936 Halifax County, Virginia maps do not help either except to show there was NO primary route that extends south to the state line like VA 49-96 do today, not even a VA 49Y which would've made some sense.

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