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N.C. 561 
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Photo: NC 561 begins its westward journey (Adam Prince)
NC 561
N.C. 561  101 miles
The Road: Begins at US 401-NC 39 Louisburg (Franklin County) and ends at NC 45 Harrellsville (Hertford County) .
Towns and Attractions: Franklin Co:Louisburg
Nash County:None
Halifax County:Medoc Mountain State Park, Halifax
Northampton County:Rich Square
Hertford County:Ahoskie
History: NC 561 was created in 1925 as new routing, running from NC 56 Louisburg (N. Main at E. Nash) out Justice St and over to NC 58 Centerville.
About 1928, NC 561 was extended east as new routing to US 17-1/NC 40 (current US 301/NC 125-903) Halifax.
1925 Official
NC 561 (1925-27)
1930 Official
NC 561 extended east to Halifax

In 1932, NC 561 was extended east as new routing to US 258/NC 12 near Spring Hill. Additionally, In 1932, NC 561 may have been truncated to Main St at Justice, as NC 59 was created that ran all the way through Louisburg including the last bit of NC 561.
Between 1959-63, NC 561 was extended up US 258 to Rich Square and over NC 305 a few miles before going off as new routing to Ahoskie and after a brief jog south on US 13 east to NC 45 Harrellsville.
1932 Texaco
NC 561 extended to US 258
1963 Official
NC 561 extended east to Harrellsville

The 1958 Official appears to show NC 561 still reaching Main St in Louisburg, while the 1963 Official (next one in my collection) shows NC 561 truncated to the Louisburg bypass like today.
1958 Official
NC 561 in central Louisburg
1963 Official
NC 561 truncated to the bypass

Comment: NC 561 between US 401 and NC 43 has been totally rebuilt, with much of the old alignments still visible.
NC 561 between US 301 and US 258 is quite empty.
BGS's on I-95 can't be bothered with a destination for NC 561, although separate "Louisburg next right" signs do exist.

Last Update: 17 August 2007

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