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N.C. 191-A 
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N.C. 191-A  dead

NC 191-A: Appeared between 1954-57 as a new designation. Ran concurrently with US 19A and US 23A from NC 191 (now I-240) West Asheville across the French Broad River and ending at NC 191 in Asheville.
It is not clear when NC 191-A went away. It is not shown in Asheville insets on officials from 1954-59. It is shown on the 1957 Buncombe County map. My guess would be when US 19 Bus-23 Bus was removed from Haywood Rd east of today's I-240.

1949 Buncombe County
US 19-A/23-A across the river
1957 Buncombe County
NC 191-A added to the mix

NC 191A is mislabeled as US 191-A on the main 1957 Buncombe County map.

Last Update: 22 January 2010

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