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N.C. 140 
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N.C. 140  25 miles
The Road: Begins at US 17 Town Creek (Brunswick County) and ends at US 74-76 near Leland (Brunswick County).
Towns and Attractions: Brunswick Co: None
History: NC 140 was opened October 16, 2014 on a newly constructed freeway that runs from US 17 near Town Creek north to US 74-76 near Leland. This was a place holder designation until the freeway is continued northeast from US 74-76 across the cape Fear River to connect with existing I-140 at US 421.
In Jan 2015 (NCDOT), the NC 140 designation was formally applied to the rest of existing I-140 from US 421 to I-40 and to US 17 east of I-40 to the end of the freeway. NC 140 as of late 2017 was not posted anywhere other than the US 17 to US 74-76 portion.
In Dec 2017, the posted part of NC 140 was reposted as I-140 upon the opening of I-140 from US 74-76 to US 421.
In late 2018 or early 2019, NC 140 was posted from I-40/140 east to US 17 which had been formally removed from NC 140 in May 2017 (thanks to Marc Fannin for confirmation of new NC 140 posting).
2017 Brunswick County
NC 140 between US 17 and US 74-76
2017 Brunswick County
Comment: Street View managed to capture a NC 140 posting before signs were covered - link.

Last Update: 2 August 2019

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