The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 107 
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Photo: NC 107 from US 23 Business (Mark Clifton)
NC 107
N.C. 107  35 miles
The Road: Begins at US 23 Business Sylva and ends at the South Carolina State Line below Cashiers, all within Jackson County. The route continues a 17 miles to SC 28 Mountain Rest, SC.
Towns and Attractions: Jackson Co: Sylva, Western Carolina Univ, Cashiers
History: NC 107 is an original state highway that initially ran from NC 10 (old US 19A) east of Ela to Cherokee, then north to the Tennessee Line at Newfound Gap.
In 1940, NC 107 south was rerouted at Cherokee to instead run southeast replacing NC 107-E to near Wilmont, then duplexing with US 19 (now US 74-441) over to Dillsboro (used SR 1514 Haywood Rd) and Sylva (via US 23 Bus). Then NC 107 replaced all of NC 106 south through Cullowhee and Cashiers into South Carolina. The old route from Ela to Cherokee became part of NC 28 (now it is US 19).
In 1952, NC 107 north was truncated to US 19A-23 (now US 23 Business) Sylva. Sylva to Dillsboro remained US 19A-23; Dillsboro to Tennessee became US 441.

1924 Official
NC 107 original route
1931 Official
NC 106 extended to S.C.
1930 Official
NC 107 extended to South Carolina
1952 Shell
NC 107 replaced by US 441

Between 1980-82, NC 107 was rebuilt on a nice 4-lane bypass of Cullowhee and Western Carolina University. The old route became "Old NC 107"

1969 Official
NC 107 through Cullowhee
1982-83 Official
NC 107 bypasses Cullowhee

NC 107 is a pretty ride. The big descent from the mountains occurs in South Carolina, however.

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