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N.C. 58 
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Photo: NC 58 ending at Fort Macon (Adam Prince)
NC 58
N.C. 58  182 miles
The Road: Begins at US 158-A Warrenton (Warren County) and ends at Fort Macon State Park, Atlantic Beach (Carteret County).
Towns and Attractions: Warren Co.: Warrenton  
Franklin Co.: None
Nash Co.: Nashville
Wilson Co.: Wilson, Stantonsburg
Greene Co.: Snow Hill
Lenoir Co.: Kinston
Jones Co.: Trenton, Pollocksville, Maysville
Carteret Co.: Cape Carteret, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Fort Macon State Park
History: NC 58 is an original state highway. Initially it ran from NC 50 (now US 158-A) Warrenton south to NC 56 near Castalia.
The 1924 and 1925 Officials show NC 58 extended south replacing part of NC 56 to end at NC 90 (current US 64 Business) Nashville.
The 1926 and 1929 Officials show Castalia to Nashville as NC 56 again.

1922 Auto Trails
NC 58 Warrenton to Castalia
1925 Official
NC 58 Warrenton to Nashville
1929 Official
NC 58 Warrenton to Castalia

Finally in 1930, NC 58 was shown Castalia to Nashville and extended further south as new primary routing to end at NC 91 (now US 264-A) Bailey.
In 1932 NC 58 was rerouted south of Nashville to instead go to Wilson as new primary routing. The old route to Bailey became secondary and some became part of NC 581 #1 - today this is Old Bailey Hwy, a small piece of NC 97, Liles Rd and a small piece of NC 581.
1930 Official
NC 58 Nashville to Bailey
1932 Texaco
NC 58 Nashville to Wilson

Also in 1932, NC 58 was sent with US 264/NC 91 east, then replaced NC 98 #1 southeast to NC 102 (current US 13) near Snow Hill.
1931 Official
NC 98 Wilson to Snow Hill
1932 Texaco
NC 58 Wilson to Snow Hill

Between 1945-49, NC 58 was rerouted through central Wilson by using Bynum St, Vance St and Pender St to connect back up with Nash St.
1944 Wilson County
NC 58 through central Wilson
1949 Wilson County
NC 58 avoids central Wilson

About 1955, NC 58 was extended southeast over a new Snow Hill bypass to end at US 258.
1953 Greene County
NC 58 ending at NC 102
1957 Greene County
NC 58 extended around Snow Hill

In 1958, NC 58 was extended south as upgraded secondary routing to Kinston where it followed US 70 around Kinston.

1954 Official
only US 258 Snow Hill to Kinston
1958 Official
NC 58 gives you options

Also at this time NC 58 replaced NC 12 from Kinston to US 17 Pollocksville.

1954 Official
NC 12 Kinston to US 17
1930 Official
NC 58 replaces NC 12

NC 58 then followed US 17 to Maysville and was extended southeast as upgraded secondary routing to end at NC 24 Cape Carteret.
Between 1963-68, NC 58 was rerouted through Stantonsburg. Initially it used Commercial to Main St, then east to current NC 58. Since then, NC 58 has followed its current routing, replacing part of SR 1539.
1962 Wilson County
NC 222 initial Stantonsburg route
1968 Wilson County
NC 222 current Stantonsburg route

In 1970, NC 58 was moved to its current routing from Snow Hill to Kinston, replacing some of NC 91 (US 258 had moved over to NC 58's initial routing in 1962).
In 1971, NC 58 was placed on the NC 42 bypass around Wilson, using US 301 to get back to the US 264 duplex. Most of the route through Wilson remained US 264 Business but is now all secondary.
1969 Official
NC 58 through Wilson
1971 Official
NC 58 bypasses Wilson

In 1979, NC 58 was extended southeast across the Bogue Sound and east to its current end at Fort Macon entrance.
1958 Official
NC 58 extended to Cape Carteret
1979-80 Official
NC 58 extended to Fort Macon

In Sept 2016 (NCDOT), NC 58 was extended replacing 1.6 miles of SR 1190 into Fort Macon State Park.
In 2018, NC 58 was placed on US 17's new bypass of Pollocksville. This left behind mostly secondary routing plus temporarily a bit of US 17.

NC 58 is blown off by I-95 but does get mentioned from Exit 132.
NC 58 can be used as a back door route from Kinston to Morehead City. Brian LeBlanc points out that NC 58 is signed at Kinston explicitly for Emerald Isle, so this is the preferred way to get to the western part of Bogue Banks.
Adam Prince profiles Fort Macon State Park here.

Last Update: 20 July 2019

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