The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 13 
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Photo: The last old NC 13 is prominently marked (Adam Prince)
NC 13
N.C. 13  dead, in triplicate
NC 13 #1: An original state highway, running from NC 10 Main St (today this is EB US 70 Bus) Durham north up Magnum St (currently SB US 15-501 Bus) to Duke Park, then jogged east on Park Ave (now Knox) then north again on Porter Ave (now N. Roxboro St) out of Durham north to Roxboro and to the Virginia State Line where the route became VA 18 heading for South Boston and Lynchburg, VA.
In 1925 the NC 13 approach to Roxboro from the south was altered to what I believe is the modern US 501 approach, leaving behind Summerset Rd.
In 1927, US 501 was assigned to the entirety of NC 13.
About 1930, NC 13 was renumbered as part of NC 55. Today it is mostly US 501 which has bypassed a few segments of old NC 13 in modern times.

1924 Official
Original NC 13
1925 Official
NC 13 original Roxboro entry

1925 Official
NC 13 altered south of Roxboro
1930 Official
NC 13 becomes NC 55

NC 13 #2: NC 13 returned in 1935 as a renumbering of NC 21. It began at US 15-70 W. South St in Raleigh, running north on Saunders St, east on W. Cabarrus St, north on Dawson St, east on W. Jones St, north on Halifax St, west on W. Peace St, then north on Glenwood Ave out of town and proceeded to US 15-NC 56 Creedmoor.
This NC 13 was extremely short lived. The 1936 Official map shows NC 13 replaced by US 15-A. Today it is NC 50 from Creedmoor down to where it leaves Glenwood and non-primary everywhere else. NC 13 did initially use the "Old Creedmoor Rd" that exists from I-440 to Falls Lake.

1933 Official
NC 21 north of Raleigh
1935 Gousha
NC 13 north of Raleigh
1936 Official
US 15-A north of Raleigh

NC 13 #3: NC 13 appeared again in 1936 as new primary routing, running from US 220 (now 220 ALT) near Seagrove northeast to US 421 (now old US 421) Staley.
When US 13 came to North Carolina in 1951, NCDOT decided that instead of changing the NC 13 shields they'd just forget the state highway thing all together. Today the route is "Old NC 13" from 220 ALT to Grantville; a couple miles of NC 42; HInshaw Town Rd, Parks Crossroads Church Rd to US 64; Browns Crossroads Rd to Staley.

1936 Official
NC 13 (1936-51)

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