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N.C. 5 
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Photo: NC 5's Southern End is at the entrance to the Malcom Blue Farm in Aberdeen. (Photo by Adam Prince)
NC 5's Southern End in Aberdeen

N.C. 5  8 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 211 west of Pinehurst, and ends at the Malcom Blue Farm in Aberdeen, all of which is in Moore County.
Towns and Attractions: Pinehurst, Aberdeen, Malcolm Blue Farm.
History: NC 5 was born in the Great Renumbering of late 1934 as a renumbering of NC 701. It ran from US 1 (current Poplar St) Aberdeen east along Main St, then north on Blue St, east on Bethesda Ave, then north 0.51 miles on Fort Bragg Rd to end a little past the W.H. Page Tomb. The road continued as SR 2042.
Between 1937-44, US 1 was rerouted from Polar St onto its current routing. NC 5 was then extended south on Poplar to end at US 15-501/NC 211 South St (or may have multiplexed with these routes the 0.05 miles west to meet the new US 1 on Chestnut.
Between 1945-49, NC 211 was rerouted away from central Aberdeen to its current routing. It appears that NC 5 was rerouted to follow Main St west all the way to US 1.

1930 Moore County
NC 701
1936 Moore County
NC 5 replaces NC 701
1944 Moore County
NC 5 changes as US 1 moves over
1953 Moore County
NC 5 changes as NC 211 vacates

About 1961, NC 5 was extended west replacing a section of NC 211. NC 5 was again placed on Poplar St down to South St west across US 1 like it does now heading for Pinehurst. This route had also been part of US 15-501 until the late 1950s. Main St west of Poplar became SR 2083.

1958 official map
Aberdeen to Pinehurst, 1958
1963 official map
NC 5 following that routing
1984 official map
NC 5 finally shown east of US 1

Comment: NC 5's purpose today is to provide a direct route from Aberdeen to Pinehurst, as well as provide a single-route way to the Malcolm Blue Farm, which requires a few turns from US 1.
NC 5 is posted without direction banners east of US 1.
NC 5 was the original routing of NC 70 and was even briefly US 311 in days long past.
Although there was room to do so, NC Officials did not show NC 5 east of US 1 from 1936-83.

Last Update: 3 July 2008

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