The Highways of North Carolina
I-74 TEMP 
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I-74 TEMP  denied
Formerly: I-74 TEMP was officially requested by NCDOT in April 1996 to run from I-40 Winston-Salem north along US 52 to SR 1840 which is roughly where the Northern Winston-Salem Beltway would be built. The idea is that I-74 would follow US 52 through Winston-Salem until the eastern half of the northern beltway could be constructed and assigned as I-74.
AASHTO turned down this request and suggested NCDOT sign this as TO I-74.
Given that US 52 from the beltway north to Mt. Airy is not anywhere near ready to be part of I-74, I'm guessing this situation is a non-issue at this time.

Last Update: 11 November 2013

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