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I-74  134 miles in four sections
The Road: Begins at the Virginia State line near Mt. Airy (Surry County) and ends at NC 41 near Lumberton (Roberson County).
Towns and Attractions: Haywood Co.: Pisgah Nat'l Forest, Clyde, Canton  
Surry Co.: Mt. Airy  
Stokes Co.: King  
Forsyth Co.: Winston-Salem  
Guilford Co.: High Point  
Randolph Co.: Randleman, Asheboro  
Montgomery Co.: Biscoe, Candor  
Richmond Co.: Ellerbe, Rockingham, Hamlet  
Scotland Co.: Laurinburg  
Robeson Co.: Maxton, Lumberton  
I would be foolish to suggest you get your detailed information about the progress of I-74 from anywhere other than Bob Malme's I-74 website. But for completeness of the NCroads Annex I present the basics here...
Some information below comes from the interstate guide.
The I-74 corridor was first created by the National Highway Designation Act of 1995. North Carolina first applied for the use of the I-74 designation in April 1996.
In Sept 1996 (NCDOT), I-74 was assigned to the newly constructed freeway between US 220 ALT near Steeds to US 220 Business near Ulah.
In Feb 2000 (NCDOT), I-74 replaced NC 752 from I-77 to US 52 in the Mt Airy area and was also assigned to I-77 north to the Virginia line.

2000 Official
unlabeled NC 752 west of Mt. Airy
2000 Official
2002 Official
I-74 replaces NC 752
2002 Official

In Nov 2000, I-74 FUTURE was signed on the US 74 freeway bypassing Rockingham and Hamlet. The 2011 official was the first to show this.
In summer 2007, I-74 was signed on the Laurinburg and Maxton bypasses, then deposted in 2009.
In Dec 2009 (NCDOT), I-74 was added to the newly completed freeway from the east end of the US 74 Maxton bypass to US 74-A near I-95, then added to existing US 74 east to NC 41.

2011 Official
I-74 on the Rockingham/Hamlet Bypass
2000 Official
2011 Official
I-74 assigned from Maxton to NC 41
2011 Official

In July 2011 (NCDOT), I-74 was approved by FHA to be assigned to the newly constructed freeway from US 220 Emery to US 220 south of Ellerbe.

1997-98 Official
I-74 appears
1997-98 Official
2008-09 Official
I-74 extended south of Ellerbe
2008-09 Official

In Oct 2012 (NCDOT), I-74 was added to the existing US 311 freeway from I-40 near Winston-Salem southeast around High Point to US 29-70, then as new freeway to SR 1928 Cedar Square Rd.
In Nov 2012, NCDOT requested that I-74 be assigned to the new freeway from SR 1928 to I-73/US 220 upon its completion. This freeway opened in June 2013 as is signed as I-74.

2011 Official
US 311 bypasses Archdale
2011 Official
2013 Official
US 311 on more freeway southeast
2013 Official

In June 2018, I-74 was extended further south along existing US 220 to the north end of the future Rockingham bypass.
Two exisitng roadways are also going to be part of I-74: US 52 from the current end of I-74 south to about NC 65 and also on US 74 from NC 41 to roughly NC 211 Bolton.

Note that I-74's overlay with I-73/US 220 uses I-73 mileage for exit numbers at this writing. I-74 will definitely be completed through North Carolina and South Carolina. Originally conceived to connect to I-74 at Cincinnati, it seems unlikely I-74 will be signed outside of the carolinas in my lifetime. Virginia's segment would presumably just follow I-77, but West Virginia would follow US 52 which is being upgraded but not to interstate standards. Kentucky has shown zero interest in what would be their section.
I-74 is slated to use the eastern part of the Winston-Salem beltway, which is nearing the beginning of some construction. If the entire eastern half comes to be, I-74 would leave US 311 north of High Point before it reaches I-40. This would get rid of some I-74 concurrency with US 311. If the beltway does not get fully built, I-74 could conceivable follow I-40 then US 52 through central Winston-Salem.
Exit List:

EXIT 6: NC 89
EXIT 8: SR 1350 Red Brush Rd
EXIT 11: US 601
EXIT 13: SR 2000 Park Dr
EXIT 55: I-40, US 311 NORTH
EXIT 56: SR 2698 Ridgewood Rd
EXIT 59: SR 2643 Union Cross Rd
EXIT 60: SR 1003 Old High Point Rd
EXIT 63: NC 66
EXIT 65 (old 25): SR 1993 Main St
EXIT 66 (old 24): SR 1818 Johnson St
EXIT 67 (old 23): NC 68
EXIT 69 (old 21): Greensboro Rd
EXIT 70 (old 20): SR 1113 Kivett Rd
EXIT 71A (old 19A): SR 1300 Green Dr
EXIT 71B (old 19B): I-85 Bus, US 29, US 70
EXIT 75: I-85
EXIT 79: SR 1928 Cedar Square Rd
EXIT 79: SR 1647 Pineview Rd
EXIT 77: SR 1504 Spero Rd
EXIT 76: Vision Dr
EXIT 75: SR 1481 Presnell St
EXIT 74: NC 42
EXIT 72: US 64, NC 49

EXIT 71: SR 1150 McDowell Rd
EXIT 68: NC 134, US 220 Bus
EXIT 65 (old 49): SR 1121 New Hope Church Rd
EXIT 61 (old 45): NC 705
EXIT 58 (old 41): SR 1354 Black Ankle Rd
EXIT 55 (old 39): US 220-A
EXIT 52: SR 1002 Sipes Rd
EXIT 49: NC 24, NC 27
EXIT 44: NC 211
EXIT 41 (old 24): US 220-A, US 220 Bus
EXIT 39 (old 22): SR 1524 Tabernacle Church Rd
EXIT 35 (old 18): SR 1321 Capel Mill Rd
EXIT 33 (old 16): NC 73
EXIT 30 (old 13): SR 1441 Haywood Parker Rd
EXIT 28 (old 11): SR 1452 Church St
EXIT 25 (old 8): US 220 NORTH
EXIT 23: SR 1446 Haywood Cemetery Rd
EXIT 311: US 1
EXIT 316: NC 177
EXIT 319: NC 38
EXIT 320: NC 381
EXIT 321 (WB only): US 74 Bus
EXIT 194: US 74-A, US 74 Bus
EXIT 197: SR 1166 Cabinet Shop Rd
EXIT 200: NC 710
EXIT 203: SR 1155 Dew Rd
EXIT 207: SR 1164 Back Swamp Rd
EXIT 209: I-95, US 301
EXIT 210: US 74-A
EXIT 213: NC 41

Last Update: 3 October 2018

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