The Highways of North Carolina
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I-277  5 miles
The Road: Begins at I-77/US 21-74 and ends at I-77/US 21/NC 16 all within central Charlotte (Mecklenburg County).
Towns and Attractions: Mecklenburg Co.: Charlotte  
I-277 first appeared on Official maps in 1983 or 1984. It is named explicitly in the Jan 1982 NCDOT document that moved NC 16 onto I-277 from 4th St to US 29. At this time, I-277 was newly constructed Delk Freeway from US 74 to the existing Northwest Expressway, then northwest on the Northwest Expressway to I-77. The Northwest Expressway opened around 1971 as SR 2281 and NC 16 was not routed on any part of it until Aug 1974.
About 1988, I-277 was placed on more newly constructed Delk Freeway from Independence Ave west back to I-77.

1976 Official
Northwest Freeway years before I-277
1976 Official
1984-85 Official
I-277 appears
1984 Official
1992-93 Official
I-277 loops back around to I-77
1992 Official

Exit List:
EXIT 1A (SB only): Freedom Dr
EXIT 1B-C: I-77, US 21, US 74 WEST
EXIT 1D (NB only): S. Mint St
EXIT 1E: South Blvd
EXIT 3A: College St/Davidson St
EXIT 3B: Tryon St/Church St
EXIT 4 (SB only): US 29, NC 49
EXIT 5: I-77, US 21, NC 16 NORTH

Comments: I-277 is mostly a mish-mash of ramps as it circumnavigates downtown Charlotte.

Last Update: 12 November 2013

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