Decommissioned U.S. Highway 1 Business

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

US 1 Bus #3 (1963-75) US 1, NC 54 Raleigh (1963-75) US 1-401 Raleigh

#3 Southern Terminus

NC 54 arriving at I-440 and unsigned US 1. From 1963-75, US 1 Business began ahead.   Photo by Mark Clifton.

NC 54 from I-440 outer loop.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken August 7, 2013.

NC 54 west leaving what was then only US 1. This photo is from the 1960s and there is at least one NC 54 cutout in it. This would also be the view of US 1 Business south ending.   Photo contributed by Craig Zeni.

#1 Northern Terminus

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