Decommissioned North Carolina Highway 162

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

NC 161 #1 (1937-53) NC 88 Warrensville (2 locations) (1937-53) Virginia State Line above Helton

#1 Southern Terminus

This is NC 88 and NC 194 splitting in Warrensville. From 1949-53, this was where NC 162 began, and it curled around to use the road serviced by the stop sign to the right.   Photo by Mapmikey taken May 2, 2014.

#1 Northern Terminus

NC 194 leaving North Carolina. The Virginia side has never been a primary route. From 1937-53 this was NC 162 leaving North Carolina..   Photo by Matt Craig.

NC 194 (old NC 162) entering North Carolina.   Photo by Matt Craig.

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