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N.C. 162 
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Photo: NC 162 newly created (Adam Prince)
NC 162
N.C. 162  6 miles
The Road: Begins at US 401 and ends at Legion-Elk Rds junction, all in the Hope Mills area (Cumberland County)
Towns and Attractions: Cumberland Co: Hope Mills
History: NC 162 was born May 2007 as new primary routing, but began as two discontinuous segments, as Adam Prince discovered on a field visit: NC 162 was open from the jct of Legion Rd and Elk, west for 1/8 mile to a subdivision; also NC 162 begins at Camden road, heads west across NC 59 and ends at Fisher Rd. Both segments are fully posted.
In fall 2011, NC 162 was connected with US 401 at Bunce Rd on the west via Bingham Rd.
Adam reports that the east end could eventually connect to I-95 Bus/US 301 but construction is needed to actually tie into the highway.
This is the 2nd NC 162.

The original NC 162 was born in 1937 as a renumbering of NC 161. Ran from NC 16 (now NC 88) Warrensville north through the villages of Bina, Brandon, Sturgills, and Helton before reaching the Virginia State Line. This NC 162 was renumbered as part of NC 194 in 1952 or 1953. At no point has Virginia ever had a primary route meet up with this NC primary routing.

1935 Gousha
NC 161 in Ashe County
1938 Gen Drafting
NC 162 replaces NC 161
1953 Official
NC 194 replaces NC 162

Comment: NC 162 is North Carolina's newest primary highway and is meant to serve as a Hope Mills bypass to relieve traffic on NC 59.

Last Update: 5 December 2011

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