North Carolina Highway 711

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

I-95, US 301, NC 72 Lumberton NC 710 near Pembroke

Southern Terminus

NC 711 approaching I-95/US 301. NC 711 has ended here since between 1963-68. NC 72 east also ended here 1957-1983.   Photo by Bob Malme.

I-95 SB ramp at the NC 711 south endpoint.   Photo by Adam Prince.

Historic Southern Terminus (1951-mid 60s)

NC 72 south at NC 711. From 1951 to the mid-60s, NC 711 began to the right.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken February 14, 2015.

Northern Terminus

NC 710 east at NC 711. Oddly NC 711 runs almost purely E-W and NC 710 runs almost purely N-S.   Photo by Adam Prince.

NC 711 leaving NC 710.   Photo by Adam Prince.

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