North Carolina Highway 694

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

US 70, US 74-A Asheville Blue Ridge Parkway at Craven Gap

Western Terminus

NC 700 west ending at NC 14-87. US 311 and NC 770 continue on with the Eden Bypass. NC 700 west has ended at this intersection since 1997.  Photo by Mapmikey, taken July 5, 2013.

NC 700 leaving NC 14-87.   Photo by Chris Curley.

Eastern Terminus

NC 700 east ending at the US 29 freeway in Pelham. NC 700 has ended here since the early 1950s.   Photo by Chris Curley.

NC 700 leaving US 29 freeway in Pelham.   Photo by Chris Curley.

US 29 south at the NC 700 exit.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken March 23, 2012.

At the top of the ramp from US 29 south at NC 700.   Photo by Doug Kerr.

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