North Carolina Highway 274

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

South Carolina State line below Gastonia NC 27 Hulls Crossroads

Southern Terminus

NC 274 leaving North Carolina. NC 274 south has ended here since 1938.   Photo by Adam Prince.

NC 274 entering North Carolina.   Photo by Chris Patriarca.

Historic Southern Terminus (1930-38)

NC 274 east at NC 161. From 1930-38 this was NC 274 coming to an end at US 74 (and later US 74 ALT).   Photo by Adam Prince.

A wider view of the intersection.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken April 4, 2015.

Northern Terminus

NC 27 east at NC 274.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken April 4, 2015.

NC 274 south leaving NC 27.   Photo by Lyndon Young.

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