North Carolina Highway 217

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

US 401 Linden US 421, NC 55 Erwin

Southern Terminus

US 401 south at NC 217. Technically this is not the endpoint but you cannot turn left at the actual endpoint up ahead.   Photo by Jimmy Storey, taken June 29, 2002.

Close up of this intersection showing the Old US 15-A designation.   Photo by Adam Prince.

US 401 north at NC 217's actual southern endpoint. NC 217 south has ended at this intersection since about 1940.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

Northern Terminus

NC 55 east at US 421/NC 82-217. NC 82-217 begins ahead.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

US 421 north at NC 82-217.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken 2011.

Beginning down NC 82-217.   Photo by Adam Prince.

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