North Carolina Highway 210

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

US 70 Business Smithfield US 17 Folkstone

Western Terminus

NC 210 coming to its "western" endpoint at US 70 Business in Smithfield. NC 210 is actually traveling due east for a ways by this point.   Photo by Dave Filpus.

US 70 Bus east at NC 210.   Photo by Dave Filpus.

Eastern Terminus

NC 210 ending at US 17 in Dixon. NC 210 is traveling the wrong way at this end too. NC 210 has ended at this location since 1970.   Photo by Doug Kerr.

US 17 north at NC 210.   Photo by Doug Kerr.

NC 210 leaving US 17.   Photo by Doug Kerr.

Historic Eastern Terminus (1954-57)

This is NC 133 south at US 117 Castle Hayne. From 1954-57, this was NC 210 east ending.   Photo by Mapmikey, taken 2011.

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